10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. Is Your Cat Okay?

4. ‘Gifting’ You Dead Animals

If you have ever been in a state of shock and disgust upon finding a dead rodent or bird at your feet, know that you are truly loved and appreciated by your feline companion. Gifting prey is one way for your cat to display his affection for you.

This can be viewed as cats treating humans as fellow cats. Some researchers believe that cats identify us not as humans, but as bigger, clumsier cats. In this way, they see the dead animal before you as a food offering gifted to you out of their affection.

5. Random Sprints

Domestic cats were bred from larger, wild felines which are known as hunting animals. Without the need to track and stalk their prey, cats save up a lot of their energy.

Sometimes, they just need a sudden release of all their stored energy, which explains why there are times when you see your kitty sprinting from one room to another for no apparent reason.This may be explained as a weird cat behavior by some of us.

Cats are rather jittery creatures, but even when no sudden stimulus appears, they take off in a swift run. Take this as a sign that your kitty has a lot of energy. Maybe a bit of exercise could do them good?



6. Pica (Eating Things That Aren’t Food)

Dog owners are used to seeing bits of their stuff getting chewed up, especially when they have a new puppy around. Chewing is normal behavior for teething pups, but for cat owners, this is an alarming sign that something may be wrong with their cat.

Pica is when your cat starts eating things that are not food and cannot be digested; items such as plastic bags, paper, and often things that are made from wool.

There are a number of causes to Pica, from high levels of stress, diet deficiencies, lack of attention, to genetics. It is best to take your cat to a vet to find the root cause of this behavior because this could lead to digestive problems and other health conditions.

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