10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. Is Your Cat Okay?

7. Uncovered Poop

Cats are usually nit-picky creatures who enjoy keeping themselves and their environment clean. When a cat suddenly starts leaving their waste uncovered, there may be underlying reasons for this.

Paw injuries could prevent them from covering it up. A more serious case would be when your cat has a urinary tract infection. However, it could merely be that the litter box is too dirty, it needs to be changed, and they just want you to clean it up!


Usually, nail-biting is a part of a cat’s grooming process, but when continuously done, it could be a sign of anxiety.

Claw-biting is a behavior that seems strange at first but when you consider the too-common human behavior such as nail-biting, you begin to realize that it’s not so weird after all.

Cats resort to nail-biting behavior when they are nervous or anxious, just like humans.

When it becomes constant, however, nail-biting may be a sign of medical conditions such as ringworm or pemphigus.

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