Calico Kitten Rescued from Construction Site Finds Kind Family to Help Her Thrive

The kitten was taken into her loving home to be bottle-fed around the clock

The kitten was named her Lizzie. She was very small but embodied the spirit of a warrior. As soon as she was cuddled, she calmed down and started wiggling about, sniffing around for food as she was very hungry. Who knows how long ago she was abandoned by her mom.

Mashaal Memon, a foster counselor of Little Wanderers NYC, took the kitten into her loving home so the little neonate could be bottle-fed around the clock. She needed that extra care because she is a newborn and her body needed more care. Lizzie was a great eater from the start and an instant love-bug.

Little Wanderers NYC

“Every week, we take in 10-15 cats and kittens at our rescue. We are overwhelmed by the need, so Mashaal is fostering this little baby. We are always looking for more bottle feeders,” Little Wanderers declared.

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