10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. Is Your Cat Okay?

Curious to know about cats’ behavior? I this article you are about to learn more about common cat and pets behavior issues, and learn how to address them.

Getting used to how your cat behaves can be amusing. There are several things they do that can only make you stare and wonder. While cat lovers may merely shrug their shoulders and say that it’s normal for kitties to act a certain way, the rest of the population can only scratch their heads in confusion. New cat owners may even panic when they begin to notice these feline quirks! Most of these actions can be traced back to the cat’s primal instincts, while others are behaviors that you should look out for as they may be signs of a medical or psychological condition. Ten of those cat behaviors explained here are the most common.

Ten Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

1. Kneading

Have you ever gotten a massage from your cat or seen those cute cat videos where they give their humans or their fellow kitties a massage? This is what we call kneading, or as some would playfully refer to, as “making biscuits,” as it is quite similar to the movement done when preparing a piece of dough.

Kittens develop this movement at an early stage as they press their paws onto the mother cat’s breasts to stimulate milk release. While this is common for kittens, it can continue into adulthood as fully-grown cats continue to knead and massage their humans or other cats.

They aren’t trying to get milk from you. Instead, behavioral research has shown that this is a sign of attachment. It is a way for your cats to connect with you as they try to rub their scent on you.

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