10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. Is Your Cat Okay?

9. Bird Chattering

Cats chatter, an action where they create a sound with their teeth when they see their prey. You can observe this behavior the next time you find your cat staring through a window and watching nearby birds.

At the sight of prey, feline predatory instincts are triggered. Studies have shown that the movement stimulates glands in the cat’s mouth that allow them to smell their prey. Others believe that chattering is a result of frustration from not being able to attack. Either way, it can be linked to their predatory instincts.

10. Attention-Seeking

Cats have this endearing, but at times annoying habit of lying down on your things, especially at the moment you are using them. While it is obvious that they are vying for your attention, this is also a way for them to leave their scent on your belongings as a way of marking their territory.

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