Cat With Rare Condition is so Happy When Someone Adopts Him and His Best Friend

Toby’s Adoption

Cat with rare condtion looking sadly at camera.jpeg

Yes, you ‘ve guessed it right! The minute Georgina Price met Toby, she knew he was perfect. Not only did she take him home, but his best friend, too.

They filled out the paperwork and officially made them part of their family. Over the next few weeks, Toby took refuge with his brother in a hiding spot at their new home.

“We had to feed them under the bed and they didn’t come out unless we were out of the house or asleep,” Georgina told Love Meow. “Eventually, they began to trust us but it was slow.”

Toby takes comfort from Quinton and follows him everywhere he goes. As Quinton became more confident, Toby would start to come out of his shell a bit more. Eventually, he would explore the place trailing behind his best friend, his shield and protector.

Once they realized that they were safe and no longer needed to be afraid, they began to blossom. “Toby is such a sweet boy and just goes along with whatever Quinton wants.”

With each passing day, Toby stood a bit taller and felt more comfortable being in his own abode. Then one day, he started to seek affection from his humans and even discovered cuddles.

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