Is Your Cat Staring at You? What It Means in Cat Language

Why Is Your Cat Staring at Another Cat?

Two aggressive cats staring each other down.

Cat staring between two cats is a sign of aggression. Photography ©kimberrywood | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Cats are territorial by nature and generally don’t fancy an opponent feline moving in on their tur. Probably you already have seen the big cats /lions and how they mark their territory, it is the same concept! Because cats primarily communicate using body language, a cat staring at another cat is a way for the dominant kitty to show aggression. When a cat notices another cat staring at him, they both stop everything they’re doing and visually connect. If this cat staring doesn’t sufficiently meet the dominant one’s objective, then swatting, wrestling and even perhaps an all-out catfight are next.

Cats are visual hunters and their capacity to gaze without ordinary squinting causes them to watch out for their prey. Not at all like we people who should as often as a possible flicker to keep our eyes greased up, felines can keep up a watchful eye for a long while before a squint.This is why it’s impossible to win a cat staring contest.

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