Kitten Biting — Here’s How to Stop It

What not to do about kitten biting

Negative reactions to kitten biting can have long-term negative effects on your relationship with her.

“If your kitten bites, don’t hit her, roughly push her away, squirt her with water or yell at her,”  Johnson-Bennett says. “Although these actions may momentarily cause her to release her grip … your kitten may soon learn to become afraid of you.” Johnson-Bennett cautions that a physical response to biting may also cause your kitten to bite harder in a future incident or become more aggressive.

Though we made a few mistakes early on when dealing with Leroy’s kitten biting behavior, we made some adjustments that led to less biting — and more fun playing. It wasn’t always easy to ignore our cute kitten when he just wanted to play, but he soon learned that biting wasn’t acceptable and found appropriate outlets for his natural play biting activities.

Tell us: Does your kitten bite? How did you curb kitten biting?

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