Top Pet-Friendly Hotels In The United States

Top Pet-Friendly Hotels In The United StatesEconomy HotelsMid-Range HotelsLuxury Hotels

Many pet owners have a bonding relationship with their pets; and for some, pets are considered part of the family. They take their pets with them wherever they go, whenever they can.  Hence, traveling with your pet can create a few logistical problems, such as where you can stay, where you can eat, and where to find pet-friendly convenience stops for your pet.

Luckily, there are hotels throughout the country that want you and your pets to feel welcome. In the United States , whether you’re driving or flying, you’ll find hotels that will be happy to open their doors for you and your pet.

This post will provide you with a list of the top pet-friendly hotels in the United States, ranging from economy to luxury options.

Economy Hotels | Life 360 Tips

Economy Hotels

Best Western

Best Western is the “Big Dog” of pet-friendly hotels and motels with over 1,600 locations. They allow up to two dogs under 80 pounds in each room. Also, Pet charges are $20 per day and there may be a refundable damage deposit.

Even if they are pet-friendly, guests with cats, birds, snakes, and monkeys should check with the location in question to be sure these pets are allowed.

Motel 6 | Life 360 Tips

Motel 6

Are ypu a pet owner who has more than one pet and really can’t  travel without any of them ?!If so, don’t worry ,these  hotel got your back!Located throughout the United States, Motel 6 accepts pets of any breed and size, including guests with multiple pets.

Your pets are welcomed at those locations as long as they are not prohibited by law or pose a health and safety risk. Motel 6 has over 1,100 properties nationwide.

Red Roof Inn | Life 360 Tips

Red Roof Inn

With their “You Stay Happy, Pets Stay Free” motto, what more could you want? Red Roof Inn has more than 300 locations to choose from.

Mid-Range Hotels | Life 360 Tips

Mid-Range Hotels

La Quinta Inns & Suites

Known for their high-quality service at an affordable priceLa Quinta welcomes guests with two pets for no fee or concern about the breed or weight restrictions. How awesome is that ?!! They even allow pets to stay alone in rooms if they are well-behaved. So, it is time to consider how well-behaved is your pet!!!

Candlewood Suites | Life 360 Tips

Candlewood Suites

For travelers needing longer stays, Candlewood Suites offers extended-stay rooms for guests and their pets. They welcome multiple pets up to 80 pounds each.

They have a standard fee based on the length of your stay and have at least one designated area for your pets outside with convenient disposal bags provided.

Candlewood also places magnets on your door so the staff knows a pet is a guest, as they allow quiet pets to stay unattended. Cool isn’t it?!

Luxury Hotels | Life 360 Tips

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