Do Cats Cry? What to Do About a Crying Cat?

Is your cat crying due to changes in his environment?

If your cat doesn’t seem physically hurt, it could be a change to his environment that’s causing him to cry. Here’s how to get to the bottom of the issue:

  1. Have you added anything new to your home? A new roommate, sofa, or floor plan could cause panic!
  2. Did you switch up your brand of kitty litter?
  3. Has the litter box or food been moved? (This is important if there are no stairs involved – cats can suffer from arthritis and other ambulatory problems as they get older)
  4. Do you have new neighbors with free-roaming pets?
  5. Is his dinner different?

Remember: Cats, unlike most dogs and people, can get anxious and stressed from even the smallest of changes to their homes, routines, and communities.​

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